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Meet the Kiddo

Smart bands made just for kids

The Ultimate Parent Companion

While we have designed the Kiddo band with your child in mind, we also think of the Kiddo band as the ultimate parenting companion. The Kiddo band provides alerts and strict access controls to our app. With geofencing capabilities, your Kiddo app will sound out an alarm when your child moves outside of the range you have set. The Kiddo app offers regular content on health and wellness for parents from professionals in the field. You can use objective data to get valuable info on your child’s wellness throughout the day.

Games and Rewards

Health and Wellness Made Fun

From dancing dolphins to rocking robots, the Kiddo band offers interchangeable top covers to fit the personality and mood of your child. We have designed games to make movement and activity fun. Goal setting and rewards are available on the Kiddo app and make achieving healthy habits fun for kids. The light weight of our band and colors of our top covers are worthy of a show-off on the playground.

Parent-Controlled App
Personalized Wellness Insights

Where You Get the Big Picture

The Kiddo band’s four advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms give you the information to view your child’s health and wellness holistically by detecting heart rate, steps, perspiration, and sleep. Kiddo’s dashboard can be viewed on your smartphone or desktop with a customizable view to focus on the vitals that matter most to you.

product-story-image COPPA

Built for Kids

Kids get dirty, muddy, wet, and are… unpredictable! We have built the Kiddo band to be water-resistant and constructed of materials that are durable and safe for your child. Our Kiddo band even passes the “tumble dry” test in the dryer (but please don’t try this at home!). Our battery runs up to up to one week on a full charge. Data provided by Kiddo is highly secure and encrypted (similar to medical record standards!). We also follow COPPA regulations on data sharing. You as a parent are always the primary owner of your child’s data.

product-story-image Water Resistant
product-story-image Long Life Battery

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Technically advanced

Water resistant IP64 certified, dust/splash resistant
Materials Biocompatible, non-allergenic
Sensors PPG, 3-Axis Accelerometer, Temp, GSR
Battery type Rechargeable embedded lithium-ion
Battery life Up to 7 days of battery life