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Our mission is to improve children’s health everywhere.

A sick child and a distressed parent are experiences we’ve all lived through. It happens to be the reason that Kiddo was created. As parents, we have learned that without reliable monitoring of our child’s key vital signs, it is hard to prevent, predict and prepare for the illnesses and conditions that life throws our way. Objective facts and data empower parents to take action for their child’s long-term well-being and also leads children to develop healthy habits.

Insights Empower Parents

Insights and data help start the conversation between your child and you on how to build healthy habits. Equipped with data and a timeline of your child’s key vitals, you can have more meaningful conversations with your child’s healthcare providers. Rewarding children for establishing healthy habits needs to be seamless.

Health and Play Go Hand in Hand

Our Kiddo Band has been tried and tested by children of all backgrounds. The road to developing healthy habits – activity, sleep, nutrition – must be a joyful one, especially for kids. And we take pride that the Kiddo surprises and delights kids with built-in games to encourage movement and positive healthy habits.

Getting to Know the Kiddo


Meet the Team

We are Good Parents. We are a team of passionate parents with backgrounds in engineering, wearable technology, pediatrics, medical devices and child development.

CJ Swamy CEO
Simon Apostolski Product (UX/UI) Designer
Graeme Coakley Firmware Engineer
Arnaud Delorme Algorithms Specialist
Jonathan Foote Electrical Engineer
Priya Ghandikota Chief Marketing Officer
Rishi Madhok, MD Chief Medical Officer
Lidia Nazarova Software Engineer
Joon Oh Senior Mobile Developer
Shobha Scott Firmware Engineer
Chandan Sethi General Manager
Edison Ting Chief Technology Officer
Paula Wirth Community Marketing Manager

Join Our Team

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