Better Health and Care for Kids

At-home Health Monitoring System For Children

Kiddo is a personalized smart at-home health monitoring platform for children. The Kiddo band is a smart pediatric band for children ages 3+ designed to track key vital signs – perspiration, activity, heart rate and skin temperature. Along with the Kiddo companion app, Kiddo provides actionable health insights to parents combined with alerts and recommendations. Kiddo also enables care integrations such as Telehealth and Doctor Appointments (in select markets only) thus enabling providers to manage admission rates and deliver cost optimal proactive care.


The Kiddo band monitors your child’s heart rate and temperature


The Kiddo band monitors your child’s stress levels


The Kiddo band tracks your child’s activity levels via step counts


While your child catches his or her zzzs, the Kiddo band captures time slept

From Wrist to Screen to Doctor’s Office

Intelligent insights delivered to a parent's mobile device or tablet. Real data points that help in conversations with health care providers and insurance companies.

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